Thursday, September 4, 2008

where will you find me?

Well I am up bright and chipper this morning, the second day of school for my little nipperkin, and all in all, life is grand. I am glad it is fall, but the time seems to be filling up way too quickly and I feel like all my weekends are getting jam-packed before I know it. Actually before I know it at least one will be jelly-packed, as every year my daughter and I harvest the concord grapes from the arbor in our yard and make jelly, Yum! but time isn't going too quick yet, as the grapes look far off from being harvestable. So what is coming up very soon? Where can you find me? Well hopefully this weekend I will be happily hunting for antiques at the last Brimfield of the year, if you don't know, Brimfield 3 times a year turns into mecca for antiques, and I have been going since I was a young girl with my dad. Last year I got a fabulous vintage floor length black velvet coat! I love the thrill of the hunt, you never know what you might find... The following weekend I will be attending the ICONs Irish Festival in Canton, MA where I am looking forward to seeing Lunasa and Solas, two tradtional Irish bands whom I have seen before at the Sommerville Theater, and they are fabulous. Solas has a new lead female vocalist, so that should be interesting. Also looking forward to seeing Kieran Jordan step dancing...On the 14th you can find me with Lennon Studio vending at the South Eastern Massachusetts Pagan Pride day. The website is and the event is in Lakeville from 10am-6pm. On the following Sunday you can find me vending again with at the Eastern Massachusetts Pagan Pride Project, and that event is also from 10am-6pm, and it is in Andover, MA. Well that is about it out of me for now, have to get dressed now or we will miss the school bus!

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