Sunday, September 28, 2008

King Richard's Faire

Well, when I last left you faithful reader, we were waiting outside the gates of King Richards for my friend's to arrive and the festivities to begin... So upon the arrival of Sadie, Andy and Dan, we entered "The Realm" and began our day to the tantalizing aromas of cinnamon baking at the bakery right by the gate, and headed over to Seams Like a Dream where my lovely friend Lisa was, so I could introduce her to those she didn't know yet (she had met Sadie and Andy last year). Now mind you, everyone was all dressed in garb except for Michael (aka Reuladair) and Noah (can't remember his gaelic name off the top of my head...) so Lisa generously offered to outfit them, her treat! Noah did not take her up on the offer, but Michael did, so off he went to transform in the dressing room. And after some catching up with Lisa, we headed out to enjoy the faire. first I wanted some of whatever was making that delicious cinnamon smell, but upon arriving at the bakery we found them cinnamon-less! :-( But I tarried on, sans cinnamon roll, like the brave soul that I am... So for a short time we were all meandering around to the vendors together, but I quickly got Sadie to ditch the boys ;-) so we could do some girlie shopping and they could throw knives and whatnot. I actually want to learn to throw knives, we have contests every year at Lughnasadh, but I was more interested in seeing all the vendors and the animals and the forge. We went in search of a garland for Sadie, and there was a beautiful one with purple flowers and black feathers, and I could tell from how her eyes lit up that she wanted it, but they wanted $42 for it! So alas, I may have to make one for my fair friend Sadie, because she walked away (and good for her!) It can be very hard to talk away when we find some bauble or bit of glamor that we have tried on, I struggle with it myself.... So we continued on shopping, and off we went to where there was some lovely jewelery to behold. Last year when I went to the fair my boyfriend at the time bought me a lovely necklace and earrings to match from this same vendor. Now last year, this vendor had me in the palm of his hand with his lovely Irish accent, I have always said I will be in trouble when i finally get to Ireland, as I am a sucker for an Irish accent ;-) Now mind you, the necklace from last year was absolutely beautiful, yet the first day I wore it it fell right off of my neck when I was out and about somewhere, I retraced all of my steps that day, and yet never could find it. So now, this year, here is the same vendor, same lovely jewelery, and yet here he was with an English accent. Well it just wasn't the same for me. So I tell this vendor, as he is trying to ply me with his wares, and saying all of his "m'ladies" and whatnot, that I had a bone to pick with him... I recounted my tale of woe about my necklace falling off, but also how last year he was Irish, which I much preferred, and now this year he was English, and he says he would let me in on a little secret, he is actually from Texas! Well, he did offer me a discount on the beautiful tree of life necklace I was eying, so I did procure that for my collection of sparklies, so I leftoff the chain mail necklace that I had originally bought at Faerieworlds in Oregon that I had been wearing and promplty donned the Tree. He took the chain mail necklace and asks for a minute, and he places the necklace on my head, well with his help, and Sadie's and one lovely celtic hair barrette that I had purchased at Icons from Joseph Keane of Celtic Revival I now had myself quite the fancy hairpiece. Well after some more shopping our tummies were a-grumbling, so after fetching Lisa from her shop we went off to the racket that is the food at King Richards. For those who have never been to King Richards, beware, all of the food must be purchase with food tickets, and you have to buy at least $5 worth, and the whole ticket system makes you one stepped removed from the amount of money you are paying for food, so you may spend more than you bargained for because you are just spending "tickets" kind of like rides at a carnival... but that is neither here nor there, just a little pet peeve of mine, and many other faire goers I know. So this year, I didn't do the gnawing on a turkey leg, just opted for some fries. And the bakery at the food court area also was out of mostly everything but cookies, so I never did get my cinnamon fix. So I was having a wonderful time, and enjoying the flirty attention that is abound at the faire. Lisa introduced me to her friend "Lord Seamus" who is "protector of the realm" and other such stuff I can't remember. He did have quite a penetrating gaze... with a blue-grey eyes with a ring of orangy-brown around the pupil, just like mine, and he had no moons on his fingertips... Around this time the boys contacted us and said they wanted to eat,and they found us where we were. After eating the boys went off to the joust while Sadie and I did a little more shopping, I bought some fabulous ear cuffs to use with my faerie ears at Faeriecon. Sadie and I got our pictures with the Berzerkers, and we finally did get Sadie a hair garland from Kevin... Sadly, the faire closes at 6, so after Sadie and I met up with the boys at the joust, and a little more eying of leather goods and whatnot we were off for the evening, where we all traveled to East Bridgewater for our meeting of Tuatha na bPréacháin Naomh

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