Friday, August 29, 2008

The road thus far....

So above on the left is pictured me in the white with my dangerous wire wings, and my dear friend Traci, also known as Mermaid Laughing. On the right is a band of mischevious fae folk posing in front of my booth. Starting from the left is a very blue Athonwy, then mad Red Cap Sam, with Blue Hawk and Dee. It occured to me that though my site has places for all sorts of art and trinkety bits and such, there wasn't much of a place for me to communicate with people, and thus the birth of this blog, to keep people current with what is happening at Lennon Studio ( and where you can find info about me, the artist (Katie Lennon) and where you might be able to find me, upcoming shows and such.
So most recentely you could have found me flitting and frolicking about with other friendly and not so friendly fae folk at Faerieworlds Festival, which was on Aug 1-3 in Eugene, Oregon. Quite an exciting and fabulous and magical and enchanting time was had by all. Three days jammed packed with amazing bands and workshops and vendors. The day it was over people started planning for next year, myself included. Pretty epic. I was fortunate that my amazing booth mate, Matt Hawk, or just plain Hawk, as I like to call him, of Great Scot Productions, minded our booth alot and allowed me the freedom to run about and experience the festival as I had never been there before. Our children played and became irrecognizable in the dust, we began calling them our Lord of the Flies children. This was such an amazing time, words just really can't describe the vibe, but it was wonderful. Some of the high points for me were getting to dance backstage, hanging with the COMFy folk at Quiet Camp, and the amazing fire performances by Mythmaker, but also our own COMFy Lyra and clan right at Quiet Camp.
For quite awhile, years even, I have been interested in fire performing, poi specifically, and finally started learning just a few weeks before Faerieworlds, so I was totally inspired to continue with my studies, so next year I can spin at QC! I will actually be attending Wildfire in October, and am totally excited "WildFire is the East Coast's premier spinning and fire arts training camp", you can check it out at the website Tickets are already sold out for this year, they actually went on sale August 1 when I was at FW, and sold out in 4 hours I think. I was bummed when I came home since I had completely missed the sale since I was at FW, so I am extra grateful to the Wildfire organizers who came up with 25 extra tickets to sell, and I was super-fortunate enough to be able to get one, as they sold out in like 10 minutes or less I think.
So one thing that has been very influential for me about attending festivals is the chance to dance, and realize that even though I have been spending alot of my energy promoting my art, that my dancing is just as important. Last October I had the good fortune to attend Faeriecon in it's first year in Philadelphia ( which is put on by the same promoters as Faerieworlds, and dancing at the Good Faeries Masquerade Ball and then on the following evening at the Bad Faeries Masquerade Ball was enchanting and energizing, and rekindled to me the spark of importance that dance has for me. I am very excited to be returning to Philadelphia in October for Faeriecon in it's second incarnation, and Lennon Studio will be vending there with a booth, so if you are in the area, stop by and visit! Or join me for a dance at the masquerade balls...I am very much looking forward to it. I am working on getting competent enough with the poi that I can encorporate my dance with it. Practice, practice, practice....
So another recent event I attended was called Triple Guild 9: The Phoenix Year. It was a local pagan festival put on by the Tribe of the Sacred Crows, of which I am a member. They are the founding members of an international druid organization called Comhaltacht-Draiocht which means Fellowship of Druidry It was a wonderful festival, with many exciting workshops, some of the highlights for me were the Bardic workshops and the Bardic Branching ceremonies at the evening ritual. Also of note was the workshop on the Norse Soul Map divination with Linda of Hypnotic Wishes In the workshop she did a soul reading for the whole Tribe of the Sacred Crows, and I was fortunate enough later that evening to get a personal reading, which was life altering and clarified so much to me. What was also so reaffirming for me about this festival was again the importance of my dancing in my spirituality, I was asked to teach a workshop and I chose to do a dance one. This was new to me, not teaching dance, but teaching dance to some non-dancers, and also teaching ritual dance. It ended up being a fabulous workshop and I was so impressed with the participants, it required alot of class participation and they were fabulous and creative and daring. In short, they were wonderful and it was completely energizing for me to be teaching dance after such a long hiatus. well I think I have rambled on enough for now, didn't even get to where i meant to be going yet, so I suspect there will be another post soon :-)